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Sep 30
Face of Yours 2019

Face of Yours 2019…

If someone had said to me that this year, I was going to be one of the winners for a plus size modelling campaign, I would’ve laughed hysterically, and told

Sep 14
Featured Image - Church in Bristol

A Wheely Nice Time In Bristol…

Initially this blog post was going to be about the Bristol International Balloon Fiesta, but unfortunately it was cancelled due to the weather, so I didn’t get to see it.

Jul 29
New Video

Spa Day and its aftermath.

This video documents my spa day at The Vale, Cardiff, with my mum. I discuss how I was feeling before the spa day began, how I felt during the spa

Jul 23
New Video

The pleasure of Air-con!

When you can't get away from the 30 degree heat, so you just sit in your car with the air-con on! I've been struggling with my head today, as well