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Spa Day and its aftermath.

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This video documents my spa day at The Vale, Cardiff, with my mum. I discuss how I was feeling before the spa day began, how I felt during the spa day, and how the day impacted me afterwards.

A spa day was much needed with my mum - you can't beat a bit of mother/daughter time, just chatting away, and laughing until your stomach muscles are in shreds. Not always advised for those of us with Mito, who already struggle with muscle weakness and pain!

But on a serious note, as you will see in this video, I am honest about how such a brilliant day in the spa has affected me in such a short space of time. It has already taken me quite a few days, but I am still recovering slowly. Nevertheless, I very much want to go on another spa day! And no matter how much my stomach muscles hurt after laughing all day, I would do it all again. Because I had such a wonderful time spending quality time with my mum, and doing something that I enjoy. Memories were made, photographs were taking, videos were filmed, and I'm sure I put on a couple of pounds at the breakfast buffet!

I say it quite often, but it is so, so important to have these days when we do something that we enjoy, and spend time with those that we love. We have to live our lives, and enjoy what we can, when we can.

As my gorgeous brother continuously tells me, 'life is like a deck of cards, and you've been dealt a shitty hand when it comes to your health. But it's how you play that hand that counts.' And I'm choosing to make the most of the cards that I hold, by documenting my life, and raising awareness. Perhaps I'll even be able to help others who follow my journey.

But for now, I'll love and leave you until my next post. Stay tuned!


***To just view the outcome of the spa day, and how it affected me, skip to 11 minutes, 55 seconds.***

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