Mito and Me Uncategorized The pleasure of Air-con!

The pleasure of Air-con!

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When you can't get away from the 30 degree heat, so you just sit in your car with the air-con on!

I've been struggling with my head today, as well as being very nauseous and having that horrible feeling of 'lead' throughout my body. I love the sun, and warm weather, but it doesn't help when I'm already so fatigued. In weather like this, I feel like I have to concentrate really hard and will my body to move.

I find Kool'n'Soothe just that - cool and soothing, when I'm suffering with my head, and I find myself turning to Queasy Drops when my nausea is too much for me. There's only so many ginger biscuits and ginger tea that a person can have! It may seem odd to pop a sweet in your mouth when you feel like you're about to throw up, but honestly, they're the best things I've come across so far. If anyone has any other go to's when they're feeling like the vomit comet could arrive at any minute, I'd love to know about them, so please get in touch!

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