Mito and Me have chosen to support The Lily Foundation when fundraising for preventative measures, and a cure, for Mitochondrial Disease.

This charity has helped so many people over the years, and has raised so much money, for vital research, that Mito and Me are proud to do whatever we can to help The Lily Foundation, in order to help fund the research that will one day lead to a cure.

The Lily Foundation

Liz Curtis, CEO and Founder of The Lily Foundation, had this to say:

When Lily was diagnosed with Mitochondrial Disease, we had never heard of it, and when we googled it, it felt like you had to be a scientist, or a doctor, to understand any of the information available.  We felt very alone and isolated, as there were no other families that we knew of, experiencing what we were going through. We knew there were affected UK families, but due to patient confidentiality, doctors were not able to share patient details. So there was no way of contacting others.

There were no active UK based charities at the time, and we felt that we had to do something to help others in our situation.  So when Lily's journey ended, The Lily Foundation journey began.

The Lily Foundation has grown significantly, having raised over £5.3m, and now supporting over 600 UK families, we have achieved the following:

  1. We have changed the law
  2. We have developed and funded our own genetic testing programme
  3. We have currently invested in 11 UK research projects
  4. We have funded researchers, scientists, and specialist nurses, in the UK
  5. We send our families on respite breaks to Center Parcs
  6. We help to fund specialist equipment
  7. We connect our families so that they are not alone on their journey. We have now become one big Lily Family
  8. Set up a support group for adults
  9. We support over 600 UK families, often from diagnosis, through to end of life, and beyond

We are so proud of our achievements, but there is still so much to do.

Just Giving

If you would like to support Mito and Me in the fight against Mito, please click on the link, which will bring you to our Just Giving page. Any donation, big or small, is one step closer to raising much needed funds for the vital research we need to discover a cure.

Whether you want to donate, or hold your own fundraising event in the name of Mito and Me, for The Lily Foundation, then that is completely up to you. Your help, and support, has more of an impact, and is more important that you know, in this fight.

If you would like to discuss any fundraising ideas, feel free to contact me, and I'll be more than happy to help you with anything you decide.

Upcoming Events

  • The 2019 TROTs St Clears (Carmarthenshire, Wales) 10K event will be taking place on Sunday, the 18th August, 2019 - Donate


  • The Cardiff Metropolitan University Cardiff 10K Fun Run will be taking place on 1st Septemeber, 2019 - Donate


  • The Swansea 10K event will be taking place on Sunday, 22nd September, 2019 - Donate


  • Pembroke Castle Charity Abseil will be taking place at Pembroke Castle, in Pembrokeshire, on 28th September, 2019 - Donate