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Oct 28
Rough sketch of person holding their head in a downward motion, in despair. Greyscale charcoal image. Writing over the top of the image of typical phrases and questions that plague the minds of those who live with anxiety.

Anxiety for Dummies

Hello! Hi! Bonjour! Hola! Hallo! Kon’nichiwa! And many other ways to say hello to you lovely lot! First, let me first address the elephant in the room. I haven’t written

Sep 30
Face of Yours 2019

Face of Yours 2019…

If someone had said to me that this year, I was going to be one of the winners for a plus size modelling campaign, I would’ve laughed hysterically, and told

Sep 14
Featured Image - Church in Bristol

A Wheely Nice Time In Bristol…

Initially this blog post was going to be about the Bristol International Balloon Fiesta, but unfortunately it was cancelled due to the weather, so I didn’t get to see it.

Aug 12
New Blog Entry - A Sailors' Life for Me

A Sailors’ Life for Me…

I’m not a very good traveller at the best of times. Car – I have to sit in the passenger front seat, if I’m not driving. Dose myself up with

Jul 29
New Video

Spa Day and its aftermath.

This video documents my spa day at The Vale, Cardiff, with my mum. I discuss how I was feeling before the spa day began, how I felt during the spa

Jul 23
New Video

The pleasure of Air-con!

When you can't get away from the 30 degree heat, so you just sit in your car with the air-con on! I've been struggling with my head today, as well

Jul 12
Sam in front of a Cruise Ship

A well deserved holiday…

My first holiday in years. My first holiday since my glorious honeymoon in Mauritius. My first ever cruise. My first holiday since being diagnosed with Mitochondrial Disease. It's a big

Jul 09
New Video

Newcastle Appointment Part 1

Just to let you all know that I've received my latest appointment for Newcastle, what I will be expecting to happen during my visit, and why their investigations, tests, and

Jul 02
New Video

A little trip out.

Just a quick hello to tell you about my little trip out today, with my very good friend. Cinema, lunch and a good ole' catch up. Nothing better. Mitochondrial Disease

Jun 24
New Video

A little thought on negativity.

We all have a right to feel down, low, sad, frustrated, and angry. Sometimes there isn't one particular reason for feeling like this, and sometimes, there's no reason at all.